Start your journey
with the one you love
Smile with your heart
create new memories, cherish old ones
Share with Love
grow it together, remember forever
Gift it forward
Pass it down, offer it around

Jewels which Shine True

"Seven generations of heritage and craftsmanship"


Jewels for Generations

Seven generations of gemstones and jewelry making has been our heritage. What has made us thrive are the same elements we use in our jewelry making. Integrity, sustainability and compassion. In today's culture of consumerism, we believe a jewel should reflect your inner-self as well as create memories to pass down to generations to come while holding value and significance.

Timeless Creations...
...are those which create memories.

Shine True Collection

Studs, Pendants or Bracelets. Each of our creations earrings are carefully crafted to emphasize the brilliance of the diamond or the gemstones. These are comfortable pieces that will take you from day to night, as well as make a statement. The Shine True jewels come with a complimentary gift packaging made from FSC®certified eco-friendly cardboard material.